My name is Donetta Contreras and I live in Southwest Florida with My family and four dogs, Rudy, Lucy, Snickers ,and Cody. I grew up in Tennessee earning a degree in Behavioral Psychology. My mother, a tailor, taught me importance of a strong work ethic and encouraged me to sew. However, after college, I owned and operated a large commercial cleaning company as I found I had no real interest in sewing. After retirement, My focus became my children and my beloved pets.

Taking four dogs on long walks soon proved to be problematic. While three of the four had similar stamina, one tired easily. To rectify the problem, I purchased an over the shoulder pet carrier only to find it choked the dog, rendering it useless and soon found that many of the pet carriers on the market had other issues as well. In April of 2013, My mother became ill and passed away. Within a few short weeks, I felt a yearning to sew. Never had such a feeling been present. I sat down, sketched a design for a multifunctional dog carrier that would not chock my dog, and began. I have not stopped since.

I now own and operates Pawz Purse LLC, where I proudly make my Pawz Purse TM- as well as pants, vests, and hats, to name a few. I consider Fashion and Functionality critical for myself and my pets and I credit my mom with my new-found talent.