1. Lay bag flat, inside facing up
  2. Place pets’ paws into leg holes. Be sure that the V cut is between their back legs
  3. Bring both sides up and together, snuggling the velcro closed, attach the strap to both metal D rings, front and back with handle to the rear
  4. Adjust pet, while standing on firm ground, then pick up gently
  5. Your pet’s legs will dangle, allowing spine alignment and comfort



  1. Secure your pet in the Paws Purse, using carrier instructions
  2. Disconnect strap from D rings
  3. Connect the seat belt in your car
  4. Place your pet on the seat of your car
  5. Run strap through the lap belt of the seatbelt
  6. Connect strap to both D rings in the front and adjust accordingly



  1. Secure your pet in the Paws Purse using the carrier instructions
  2. Set your pet on the ground and remove the back part of the strap from the back D rings
  3. Then adjust the strap to your desired length to make a handle
  4. Begin to walk your pet and enjoy!



  1. An adjuster strap is included allowing you to cinch the elimination hole to avoid urination on to the bag
  2. Connect one end of the adjuster strap to either side of the elimination hole
  3. Bring the strap over your pets back and connect to the other side of the elimination hole. Adjust accordingly
  4. Begin walking your pet and enjoy!